ONEXT MEDIA Targeted Advertising

Affordable targeted advertising. The most cost-effective CPM.

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1 Affordable
ONOW NETWORKS Reaches Wide Out of Home

The ability to reach every individual outside their home in a compelling manner.

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2 Effective
ONOW NETWORKS Digital Advertising

Digital advertising impacts consumers’ everyday lives by its unprecedented dynamism and interactivity.

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3 Revolutionary

An Advertising Revolution

  • “Advertising’s first creative revolution happened soon after television went mainstream. Digital has reached a similar saturation point.”

    - Fast Company, December 2010

  • “The study found that “Digital video in public venues reaches more North Americans each month (70%) than video over the Internet (43%) or Facebook (41%).”

    - Arbitron Media Research, 2010

  • “The digital signage revolution will continue to expand at an astronomical pace to more than 22 million screens and 10 million players by the year 2016.”

    - Digital Signage Today

  • “Digital signage advertising adds value by providing additional information that interests consumers; it can enhance retail ambiance, provide interactive experiences that engage shoppers and provide a better experience.”

    Keywest Technology